Keeping The V8 Alive – Charge Motion Control Valve – Ford Mustang GT

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The naturally aspirated V8 is the dying breed. With every new iteration of the ...

The naturally aspirated V8 is the dying breed. With every new iteration of the performance car, it seems we lose the N/A V8 to the smaller displacement engine with turbochargers attached to it. And the sad thing is, the N/A V8 is one of our favorite engines. They all have the distinct character, oh, and they all sound pretty damn cool. Thankfully, there are some N/A V8s that are still on a market, but that number is getting smaller and smaller everyday. American muscle vehicles are all on the list and have maintained V8s even in the face of increasing emissions controls and regulations. While a Challenger seems to eschew any and all compromises to emission controls, a Camaro’s V8 features cylinder deactivation to improve fuel economy. And the Mustang? In 1999, Ford developed something called a Charge Motion Control Valve. A system is able to make the engine very fuel efficient at low RPM, in situations where you’re not hard on the throttle, and then doesn’t get in the way when you want to go flat out. Well, Let Engineering Explained fill you in on how it works:

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